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(1-31-20)  Everyone at Essentials is an absolute professional, yet they make you feel relaxed and cared for like family. I’ve had massages by both David and Charlotte, and they were both extremely therapeutic. If you’re looking for really deep tissue work, David is your guy.

-Meredith Thoroughman (5-Star Google Review)

(12-3-19)  Love Essentials Massage Therapy. I see Charlotte monthly and she takes such good care of me tailoring my massage to meet my needs. Susan is pleasant and well organized and always prompt in returning calls. The office is open, clean and filled with good energy. Highly recommend them.

-Elizabeth Nemore  (5-Star Google Review)

(11-7-19)  David gave me hands down one of the best deep tissue massages I’ve ever -had. He knows his way around muscles and the body and worked on areas that I didn’t even know needed attending to. I am a frequent recipient of massages and wish I lived in the area. I would setup a standing appointment with him if I could.

-Annie Castleberry  (5-Star Google Review)

(10-6-19)  I have been going to David for massages since 2001. For Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, or any other event I tell my children all I want is a gift certificate for a massage from David.

-Maxine Drewry (Facebook post)

(8-16-19) Great massage David…you broke up all the “stuff”…my scapula and rhomboids are happy.!..ahhhh😉

-Nancy Willis (Facebook post)

(8-1-19) Great team, welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional prices!
-Daniel Metzger (5-Star Google Review)

(7-11-19) Mindy has the healing touch!
-Cheri Martin (Facebook Post)

(5-3-19) Susan, David, Charlotte, and everyone there are awesome! Charlotte is my regular massage therapist and I really don’t know what I would do without her. I appreciate every experience I have with them! If you’ve never had a massage, go here!
-David Steidle (5-Star Google Review)

(3-28-19) Mindy has helped me tremendously, both physically and spiritually. I can’t recommend her enough.
-Rachel Hopkins (5-Star Google Review)

(3-18-19) 5-Star Google Rating
-Patrick Roarer

(3-5-19) Charlotte is awesome!
-Rebecca Cook (5-Star Google Review)

(3-3-19) I have been going to Essentials Massage for over 17 years and they are the best! David is awesome for deep tissue massage. He has helped me with issues that physical therapy could not. Charlotte is fantastic too – you feel super-relaxed even when she’s digging in to get out knots. Mindy is on another level too – it’s akin to a spiritual experience. Essentially they are all top notch! Susan who does the scheduling is a pleasure to deal with. Their new office on King George is great – as soon as you walk in you feel a calmness and peace.
-Alice MacKenzie (5-Star Google Review)

(2-22-19) It was so wonderful to see everyone yesterday. I love the new place. Mindy did an amazing job addressing all my current issues. Thank you so much.
-Nikki Grepiotis (Facebook post)

(12-29-18) Nice bright and pleasant atmosphere. David was AMAZING at giving a relaxing massage with firm pressure!
Amazing results
-Lindsey Lucas Murrell (Facebook Recommendation)

(12-5-18) I have had massages in the past, but they always have seemed to have been more of a routine now that I have been to Charlotte! She finds all the nooks and crannies that I didn’t even realize were part of the overall issue. With this type of expertise and these results, I will make this more of an essential part of my body maintenance rather than an “indulgent” treat. Thank you Charlotte for giving me hope that I can get back to feeling tension free!
-Pablo Hollywood (Facebook Recommendation)

(10-6-18) Charlotte did wonders with my sore shoulder. And Essentials Massage is always so welcoming, I leave with a smile on my face. Thanks!
-Sue Williams

(10-3-18) I have been going to Essentials Massage for years. They are friendly, welcoming, and very good at what they do.
-Tasha Stewart (Facebook Recommendation)

(9-21-18) David and Susan are amazing. I’ve seen several massage therapists and David is superior to them all!
-Kristin Pugh (5-Star Google Review)

(9-14-18) I am very thankful to Charlotte for helping me with a flare in my lower back & hip today. I left feeling much better than when I came. Charlotte was very knowledgeable, conscientious, and intuitive in assessing my situation and delivering the proper amount and type of pressure during the massage. I would definitely recommend her to others.
-Michelle Mardian (Facebook Recommendation)

(9-11-18) Super place and the massage was wonderful!!
– Donetta Epperly (5-Star Google Review)

(8-18-18) Thorough evaluation, great massage, friendly staff!
-Brandy Hensley (Facebook Recommendation)

(8-7-18) Thank you so much Essentials Massage Therapy for working me in during a desperate moment. David really helped with the pain I’ve been managing. I will definitely be back!
-Vanessa Sharman Best (Facebook)

(8-1-18) I see Charlotte here and she is super knowledgeable of upper body issues, especially for those of us with neck and shoulder tension. Highly recommend!
-Rena Cromer (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(7-13-18) Very professional. Clean place …very nice people working there
-Tim Adair (5-Star Google Review)

(6-17-18) It’s the best place to get a massage.
-Ivis Mejia (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(2-17-18) Shiatsu with David Adkins is magical. He is ultra knowledgeable and a true master at his practice. I have gone on several occasions for both specific and general pain, and every time I’ve been amazed by the positive shift by the end of the session. If you haven’t experienced shiatsu with David, then most likely (at least locally) you haven’t experienced true shiatsu. I wouldn’t trust just anyone for this and I would wholeheartedly recommend Essentials Massage.
-Jennifer Feazelle (5-Star Google Review)

(10-18-17) I just had the BEST massage ever from Charlotte. They are so warm and welcoming, you just feel at home. Anyway, she used the perfect amount of pressure and my rickety body feels amazing. Thank you so much!
-Lindsay Accomando (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(8-9-17) I went there in early July 2017. Charlotte was my massage therapist. She was warm and friendly and asked what I liked and didn’t. She has the perfect touch for massages, I had a regular in San Diego (where I am from) and she was on par. Strong enough to work out tough knots and knowledgable of ways to relieve stress in legs and arms. She also creates an atmosphere of relaxation. I recommend Charlotte highly and I will undoubtably visit again.
-Daniel N. (5-Star Yelp Review)

(7-15-17) A massage that is insanely amazing, a therapy that you’ve never experienced before called Tsubo Shiatsu, a must, and do the traditional Shiatsu, he’ll ask, and ask for David! The best massage you can ever get! Great people, his wife is the nicest person. David showed me how to use a Bo Staff today, love this place. I came to visit Roanoke from CT, been seeing David when I lived here 10+ years ago. If you like deep tissue massages, you need to try this, painful but worth every penny!
-Amy Balliet (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(6-8-17) David did some miracle working again I can finally move my right side, if you need a work up in shiatsu go see him!
-Gabrielle Yates (Facebook)

(4-7-17) Best massage I have ever received and I have been to a lot of spas and tried many different therapists. If you can schedule your appointment with David, he’s very knowledgeable and will realize right away your trouble areas and will fix you like new. Also in order to get the best fixing try the shiatsu and don’t be afraid of pressure, you won’t regret it!
-Lis C. (5-Star Yelp Review)

(3-30-17) Remember that neck/shoulder pain I had this morning? It’s history, thanks to Charlotte @EssentialsMT! #MiracleWorker
-Sammy Oakey (Twitter)

(3-24-17) Thanks to David for really-really-really working the kinks out! I’m definitely feeling it today. I’ll be looking forward to my next visit.
-Richard Bell

(3-7-17) Very professional! Loved the atmosphere and David was amazing! I will definitely be back! Thank you so much!
-Rebecca Taylor (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(2-4-17) Great customer service, my massage with Dave was awesome I feel much better!
-Gabrielle Yates (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(1-11-17) This is the best massage therapy group in the Roanoke Valley!!
-Martha Ann Minnich Mason (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(1-11-17) Go here for a deep tissue massage – you will not be sorry!
-Donna Pennington Williams (Facebook post)

(1-10-17) David is my “go to guy”…. everyone there is great…Super nice…highly recommend
-Lorie Ranson (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(11-22-16) I honestly cannot say enough positive things about my experience here! I’ve had multiple types of massage/therapists and nothing has ever held a candle to what David was able to do. After 2 shoulder surgeries in a year, I wasn’t sure he could do much for me. I left there literally in tears bc of how much he relieved the pain and relaxed the muscles!Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful experience!
-Shannon Grissom Jacobsen (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(11-17-16) Everything is wonderful from the moment you enter the front door!
-Paige Conkling (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(9-30-16) David is the best massage therapist I have ever met! No one can fix you up like he does.
-Lis Chacon (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(9-29-16) Love massage & love you guys! Of course you know David is my go to guy. I always feel so much better afterwards. He’s awesome!
-Patty Bartoldus (Facebook comment)

(9-28-16) Best massage place ever!! Love Charlotte!!
-Dawn Biscotte (Facebook comment)

(8-25-16) Had my first appointment with Mindy this week. It was AWESOME!! I’ll be back for sure. Thank you!
-Verna Hoapili-Jones (Facebook comment)

(8-10-16) I came from out of town and saw Mindy….she was AMAZING! I came in with a terrible migraine from shoulder/neck pain and after her massage paired with essential oils I left migraine free! I will definitely come back when I am here again.
-Sharon Madderra (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(6-21-16) David will change your life! What a great first time experiencing shiatsu, I’d recommend him to anyone!
-Colleen Schrier (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(6-17-16) Went to see David on the suggestion of friend because I was having a terrible attack of sciatica yesterday. I am now a firm believer in Shiatsu and will be visiting my new friend, David, regularly!! Amazing how I feel today.
-Traci Spradlin Clark (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(4-15-16) Just wanted to let David know that last nights Shiatsu massage has worked its wonders. Aside from the normal tender/sore muscles, I was able to run this morning without IT band problems. In addition, due to my improved flexibility and neuromuscular “openness” my post run stretching and strength work was “easier” to accomplish and more effective. In general I’m moving better than I have in a long while.

A huge thank you to your skills!

-Ian Coffey

(3-1-16) Much needed and amazing massage!
-Brek & Jenny Miley (Facebook Post)

(3-1-16) Your March newsletter w/the thyroid article spoke to my soul today! Thank you SO much!
-Lacy Nichols (Facebook Post)

(2-1-16) They are the best no matter who you get. I’m never disappointed!
-Kathy Cook (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(1-19-16) Thank goodness for such a wonderful massage therapy place in Roanoke. You make me able to feel so much better. It is always clean and everyone is very friendly. Such a great place to try if you need a massage!!!
-Carol Schott (Facebook Post)

(1-14-16) Amazing and refreshing! Makes you feel like a new person.
-Lisa Waybright Tumer (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(1-3-16) Hands down (pun intended) best place to get a massage!
-Elizabeth Abe (Facebook Post)

(1-3-16) I received a certificate for Christmas for a massage. I had it with David and I can tell you, he is fabulous. The best massage I have ever had in my life. He used a combination of deep tissue, sports medicine and Shiatsu. He worked out the tension in my neck, back and feet. I definitely will be going back!!!
-Lili Gulick Lyons (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(1-2-16) Great massages at Essentials! Looking forward to my next appt.
-Marge Cusson (Facebook Post)

(12-18-15) Best professional massage that I have ever experienced. Anneliese was awesome very professional and attentive to the problem areas!
-James Mason (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(12-8-15) I’ve been coming to David for years now, back when they were on Grandin. David is the one who can get the knots out of my shoulder from office work. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!!
-Becki Gentry (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(12-5-15) A massage was given to me from my husband as a surprise and OMG was it the best I’ve had in a loooong time… Staff was super friendly and welcoming. Charlotte kneaded out all my tension and pain and put me on cloud 9 for the entire hour. Highly recommend any and everyone to go get pampered today!!! I know I’ll be back for sure!!
-Keri Dudley Williams (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(12-1-15) You guys are wonderful! 🙂
-Jeannie Hager (Facebook)

(11-21-15) David is incredible kept me laughing as he inflicted the pain to make me feel better !!! If you have never experienced this take your butt there and receive fast pain relief!!
-Michael Allen (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(11-16-15) I am a chiropractor, working and living in the Netherlands. I always look forward to my visits back to Roanoke. I book in 2 visits with David during the week when I am in town. He is the best therapist I have ever been to in any country.
-J. G. Drewry (Google+ 5-Star Review)

(10-7-15) I highly recommend the therapists here, especially if you are an aerobics instructor or workout like an athlete weekly.
-GiGi T. (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(10-3-15) Body and soul balance, thanks to the wonderful Mindy Shively.
-Katrina Hill (Facebook)

(10-2-15) Deepest massage you’ll ever get! 🙂
-Joseph Bartnick (Facebook)

(9-24-15) David worked wonders on my ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder yesterday!! Besides the getting old thing, he works wonders on the body. I can walk and lift things without cringing in pain. Thanks David – and Susan for finding that space.
-Rebecca Dameron (Facebook post)

(9-5-15) Thanks, David, for helping me get relief from all of the tension and knots in my shoulder area. I left renewed and with a much improved range of motion. Essentials Massage Therapy is the BEST!
-Diane Washenberger

(9-2-15) Excellent!!!
Everyone there is so friendly. They really know what they are doing. After a nasty spill from her horse, my daughter was suffering from concussion related headaches. David worked miracles for her and got her back on track in no time. It truly was amazing.
-Mary Lupsha (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(9-1-15) David is so knowledgable and worthy of trust. I highly recommend seeing him.
-Lynsey Wyatt (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(9-1-15) This is a great source for highly skilled massage therapists. I’ve been to many spas and therapists in many cities and this staff is top notch. You will have a great service and feel wonderful afterward.
-Yvonne Thayer (Facebook)

(8-13-15) Recently I have been on a quest to find the right massage therapist for me. Now I can say that not only did I find my new massage therapist but most importantly, my new energy healer. Winning a massage in a raffle is pretty awesome. However winning this massage and knowing it was divine spirit that lined it up is beyond words. Mindy is nothing short of a miracle worker. Thank you so much.
-Angie Dobbins (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(8-8-15) I mangled my leg and hobbled for three weeks (dummy me!). David found ALL the terrible places, worked on them, and made me a much happier child. One of those ‘hurts to make it better’ days, but OH! So worth it. Thank you David! Again, you put me back together.
-Donna Spradlin (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(8-1-15) I have no qualms traveling 3+ hours for a massage, because I always leave feeling invigorated and painfree. David and Susan are the kindest. David is the only person I know who practices a particular kind of shiatsu, and I have yet to find another masseuse who can do what he does.
-Thu Le (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(7-17-15) Absolutely the best place to get a massage. As soon as you walk in you are pampered and made to feel completely relaxed.
-Jessica Creasy (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(4-1-15) I’ve been going to Essentials for years and love it! Kelly is awesome and so are any of the other therapists as well.
-Shannon Short (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(3-4-15) The best place in Roanoke for Massage and bodywork! Amazing group of people.
Highly recommendable!
-Craig Penny (Facebook 5-Star Review)

(2-16-15) Wow – David, thank you so much for taking such good care of me! I thought there was no remedy for my discomfort in my right thumb joint but it feels better than it has in years! I feel great all over – looking forward to scheduling another visit with you!
-Diane Washenberger

(2-4-15) Down here for my usual wizardry from David Adkins… If you’re broken… He can fix you!
Go see him for muscle/anything pain!
-Jim Thomas

(12-9-14) I had a massage there this past Saturday from Mindy Shively. It was the best massage I’ve ever experienced. Mindy does an excellent job and left me feeling relaxed and stress free. Their professionalism there and their hospitality were outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a massage.
-Matt Kesler

(10-1-14) I’ve been a client almost 10 years now. If you have a tough area of pain and/or spasm, David will wring it out. It will hurt a little, but the end result is worth it. He is the best for deep-tissue work!
-Becki Gentry

Thanks to David at Essentials, I am off Lyrica and have not had a cortisone shot in over a year. That’s real results! What a difference he has made in my day to day life. Less pain and more movement. Need I say more?!?
-Terry Baucom

I feel awesome after that massage!
Thanks Anneliese!!!!!!
(5 Star Facebook Review)
-Dan Brooks

My massage yesterday was THE BEST! Was so relaxed I actually fell asleep. Keep up the great work, Mindy!
-Sammy Oakey

Essentials is an amazing place! David is truly a master in his craft and Susan always is there to greet me with the most beautiful smile. The valley is blessed to have two of the most amazing people running one of the greatest establishments.
-Bob Cranwell

There are no words for David’s skills!! Thank you so much for fixing my shoulders and neck!!
-Kerra Glover

(1-31-10) The staff is wonderful, easy and flexible to make an appt. with your favorite massage therapist. The massage therapist listens to your needs/concerns. Warm and welcoming environment:) Prices are comparable to other massage therapists in the area. I have been going to Essentials Massage Therapy for 2 years. Give yourself treat you deserve it, call them today to schedule your massage.
-Michelle Twitchell (5-Star Yellowbook Review)

(1-27-10) My experience with Essential Massage Therapy started off with an invite to the company’s Facebook page and then being given the opportunity to enter a weekly drawing for a 15-min chair massage. I won one of the fifteen minute chair massages and was so impressed that when my wife had pulled a muscle in her neck, I made an appointment for her. She was able to move a little better the next morning. By the time we had dinner she was still sore, but her range of movement was greatly improved. Essentials Massage, on behalf of my wife, thank you. I too, want to thank you and I will use and promote your business because I believe in the work you do! Thank you!
-Mike Meadows (5-Star Yellowbook Review)